Welcome to the Stabaek Support unofficial website. Stabaek Support is an independant supporter club for Stabęk Fotball. Stabaek Support is exclusively for supporters who stand and sing the whole match through.

Stabęk was founded in 1912, in Baerum, a suburb area 10 km from the center of Oslo, Capitol of Norway.

Baerum is the richest and most beautiful area in Norway, with the most beautiful and pleasant people. As Norway has the highest standard of living in the world, and as the earth is the only planet in the universe where we know there is life, Stabęk is representing the richest and best place in the whole universe - Baerum. So, of course it is quite expensive to live in Baerum, and immigrants both Norwegians and foreigners have to go through tough tests and wait in qurantine for 5-6 years in order to gain access to Baerum. Once they have lived here for 10 years they are entiteled to apply for solid property. That is one of the resons why Stabaek Support has chosen the

sign as it's logo. Another reason is that the initials SS still is associated with the nazi-Germany of world war 2. Unfortunately some loosers are still attracted to racism and using violence against minorities. Stabaek Support has no whatsoever connection to right-wing extremist groups or religious vomit. We have also stopped using uranium in our tifo-shows.

 The only drawback to live in this region of Norway is that during winter we sometimes have temperatures below zero and snow. And if You have ever tried playing football in deep snow or on ice You will know why Norway never has won the World Cup. So, during wintertime, we spend most of the days in-door, partying, drinking, smoking, fucking, listening to rock and roll, fighting, sleeping and look forward to the spring. In the springtime we go partying, drinking, smoking, fucking, listening to rock and roll, fighting, and watch football. This we do all summer and autumn too, and than it is winter again. We continue doing this until we reach the age of 90. Then we join the "Aldermannsliga" - the club for elderly Stabęk supporters.

Apart from being the best ever football team from the best region of Norway, Stabęk is the best team in the whole of Norway. Yes, even better than Rosenborg. We beat them in the cup final in 1998 by 3-1. The only reason we don't always win is because we lack something we in Norway call "flax". You can buy "Flax" in almost every shop around the country, and if You are lucky, You can win. We usually win, but not always. So we end up as number 3-5 in the Norwegian league. But who cares? Football isn't just about winning. The most important for the singing fans in Stabaek Support is partying, drinking, smoking, listening to rock and roll, fucking, fighting and if we win the fotball match too, it's perfect. But if we loose, we always look on the bright side of life and go partying, drinking, smoking, listening to rock and roll, fucking, fighting and finally fall asleep. There is always a new match next week.

The only team we have ever lost for in the Eurpean Cup is Real Club Deportivo La Coruna at their home ground in Spain. So - yes we are very good.

We could present tons of statistics showing that Stabęk has been the overall best team in Norway troughout the 21st century, but we will not. Statistics attracts nerds and we don't want nerds around our website wasting bandwith. If You're into statistics, try this link: and do not push the back-button on Your web browser!

In 2001 Stabęk has the best team ever. So this year we don't even need "flax" to win. Despite that we know we will be champions this year, winning every single match, we will as the good supporters we are, go to every single match, both home and away, to cheer and support our favourite players to yet another victory. That is what we call supporters!

By the way - the team's shirts are blue with dark blue stripes, left arm dark blue and the right arm green, dark blue shorts and socks. We have the best looking team too! A (korrekt ur lest av Eldar Hadzihmehmedovics